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Blogger’s Quilt Festival!

Here I put a post up this morning already, and totally forgot it is the start of the Online Quilt Festival hosted by Park City Girl!  Two posts from me in one day is simply unheard of!

Welcome to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival attendees!

Anyway, so off I went scrounging through my pictures to see what oldie but goodie I haven’t posted yet, and this is my entry to this season’s show:

…And Everything Nice is my baby quilt for Elena.  (You know, Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice is what little girls are made of.)

I have made *many* a baby quilt for many a child, but making one for my own child had me stumped.  I really love the one I made for a goddaughter (haven’t had a chance to share yet — pre-digital camera age for me), but I very well couldn’t just repeat a quilt when it was for my very own daughter!   She needed something original!

At Houston’s Quilt Festival just a few months after she was born I found Cynthia Tomasewski’s pattern Tiny Bubbles and finally had my inspiration.  I paired it with this great candy line of fabric (from Lakehouse I believe), and I finally had something sweet for my sweet little girl.

You’ll notice I did change up the border from the pattern.  I wanted something much simpler.  And thank goodness for design boards — look at some of the others we tried out and rejected – ACK!:

One of my favorite parts of the quilt is the back.  Or, specifically, the labels:

“…And Everything Nice; A Quilt for Elena Rivers; Presented on Her 1st Birthday 08.24.06; Pieced by MOMMY (full name); Quilted by GRAMMY (full name); And also from DADDY(full name); All with LOVE”

And I also LOVE the circular custom quilting done by my Mom, which you can see pretty well on this picture from when we gave the quilt to Elena on her first birthday (Thanks Mom! and Eek! Bed Head!):

Thanks to everyone for looking!  I had so much fun participating in the last Online Quilt Festival and am happy to join again.  Last time I had *just* started my blog and couldn’t figure out how to respond to comments – I’ve got that down now so will try to do better this time around! (Although I am going out of town some next week for Houston’s International Quilt Festival.)

And feel free of course to explore — you can go directly to previous quilts I’ve made on the left sidebar.


34 Responses

  1. This is a terrific quilt! I love colors and the design.

  2. I really like this quilt, great colors and great fun.

  3. CUTE! I like the labels.

  4. VERY cute.

  5. Gorgeous quilt, I love the labelling, too!

  6. and what an original she received, it is fantastic! So vibrant, and so alive, and so sweet, just like that litle one hiding behind it 🙂

  7. Oh I absolutely love this quilt! Love the
    poker dots and the contrast with the
    black and white stripes! The colors
    are fabulous!
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. This is great. The fabrics are so fun!

  9. This looks awesome!

  10. Aww, what a sweet gift! The fabrics are perfect for your little sweet girl.

  11. Such a bright and fun quilt for a pretty little girl. Love it

  12. How nice! I love circles and what fun colours!

  13. What a fabulous quilt!!! I love the bright colors and the circles. Aptly named. Thanks for sharing.

  14. very cute baby quilt!

  15. Beautiful…happy, sunny, cheerful, and quilted, I’m sure with lots of love!

  16. ce patch respire le bonheur ,les rires , les friandises ,toute une enfance , il est merveilleux.

  17. That’s wonderful! Love it! 🙂

  18. this is such an adorable quilt and your little one is so adorable.

  19. Love the graphic colors & circles but the model steals the show!

  20. This is wonderful, I love it! So much fun, so fresh!

  21. I absolutely adore this quilt. I used those same fabrics for an older granddaughter using a pattern of my own creation, but I like yours better.

  22. Spectacular quilt. A trreasure for your little girl.

  23. love this quilt! it is so bright and adorable.

  24. What a fun cheerful quilt. I love your color choices, especially the black and white

  25. What a gorgeous quilt. I love the border fabric you ended up choosing. So bright, fresh and lively for a sweet girl.

  26. What an adorable quilt! Love the colors. So cheerful. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Beautiful Quilt. Love the colors, love the fabrics, love the design.

    Thanks for sharing and for participating in the Bloggers Quilt Festival.


  28. this is gorgeous!!! I like your border and fabrics much better than what is pictured on the pattern. Actually – if I’d have seen just the pattern, it wouldn’t have grabbed me at all – but the quilt YOU made with it ~ LOVE it! fabulous job!

  29. This quilt makes me smile! Such a perfect quilt for your little girl. : ) It’s made with lots of love stitched in there. Thanks for sharing!

  30. So cute! The lables are wonderful! We are headed to Austin next week, actually Canyon Lake. Can you recomend a fabric store in the area?

  31. […] Hee!  I love the back of this quilt just as much as I love the front!  The stems do have flowers on them, and each flower is part of the label.  It’s kind of like the label I did for Elena’s …And Everything Nice: […]

  32. […] 515. Crispy @ Crispy Quilts 516. Tove – Relaxlovesew 517. Rachel @ Creative Quilt Girl 518. nanann – nanann’s woogies 519. Kayla K @ Kayla K’s Thrifty Ways 520. Robin Kaspar 521. Diane Evans 522. Auntie Em 523. […]

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