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Views from the Austin Quilt Show

My goodness, I make an ugly doll and then I keep it up on my website for forever and a day!  Let’s move on to some pretties!

I had a great time at the Austin Area Quilt Guild Show & Sale a month ago.  Now, finally!, I have some pictures to share.  These quilts just called at me to take their picture and give them some attention.  I hope you like them too!

(Note, to see the title/quilter/story, just click on the thumbnail picture of the info to enlarge & read yourself.  I apparently missed a couple by accident though, so please forgive me!)

First off, vegetables!  I’m not one much for eating them, but man, I really do love this quilt made from a Ruth McDowell book.  I think I have mentioned (more than once!) that Ruth McDowell is my favorite quilter.
I think the color and fabric choices are brilliant and deep at the same time, and, well, fabulous:

This is just a beautiful Japanese portrait (and hey! I have that fabric used on the top & bottom borders!), but if you look at the detail shot, the part I loved best was all the beadwork.  The seedbead snow and her earrings and jeweled hair doo-dads are all just fantastic.



Staying with the Japanese theme for one more moment, here’s a wonderful quilt made out of Daiwabo fabric. I just find this quilt, and others made out of daiwabo fabric, to be very serene and calming. I’d love to make one some day, but I really don’t need to collect another kind of fabric right now!


Here’s a very well-done self-portrait with an interesting story.  I’m always amazed at how so few fabrics can be used to create such an in-depth and feeling portrait.

Ahhh, and here’s 2 of my favorite people enjoying the quilt show with me:

Speaking of my Mom, here’s a quilt she sold in the show – YAY (it’s hand-quilted people!):
I can try and look for a better picture later – it really is a gorgeous quilt.

I saved this quilt as a reminder for myself to do something like this with my girls’ art some day. Elena has finally started drawing real pictures and I can’t wait until I have enough art to pull this off. I think the quilter did a great job pulling together the drawings with the black & white backgrounds:

I really liked the curved-bias applique all over this next quilt.  My Mom and I were discussing how it was done and whether the quilter had a bias-maker machine, making our best guesses, etc., when someone joined in on the conversation with her guesses.   Except she wasn’t guessing — she was the quilter!  Ha!

Here’s a cool art quilt — it is the underside of a carousel:


And a stunning butterfly and sunflower, with some great quilting:


This next quilt was definitely an attention-grabber.  It is held together with little clips and has different scenes on the front and back.  It really drew you in:



And this little blue bird just glows from its tree trunk.  It looks like it was made in the snippets fashion.  Just a great texture and depth to the whole piece:


OH, and I have to share this great little umbrella art quilt. It was part of a traveling exhibit from SAQA and was great to see.  Sorry for the bad picture and lack of info — the quilt was wrapped in plastic.  But it’s just wonderful!

There are more I enjoyed, but I think this is a good selection for now.  And in just a couple weeks, I’ll be going to THE quilt show of all quilt shows — Int’l Quilt Festival in Houston.  Can’t wait!!!


What is Orange and Green…

and really kind of freaky???

We had a birthday party to attend recently, and the little just-turning-3-year-old LOVES Oompa Loompas.  Yeah, I think the kid just has to be a little strange… (Kidding!)
Since I know only too well how much kids love to hold and play with their beloved characters, and since you can’t really find Willa Wonka & The Chocolate Factory toys anywhere, I made him an Oompa Loompa of his very own.

I used the pattern here as my base for the doll.  I added a neck in order to do the necessary (and extremely time-sucking) stripes and added the funky pants and dressed the doll completely, down to it’s little swirly shoes.  Since that pattern is from Dolly Donations but I used it for my own purposes, it is now on my list to make some dolls for donation.  Although I don’t think I’ll do another SCARY Oompa Loompa!

It is not constructed the best — I had some (obvious) issues attaching the arms and legs — but the boy was T.H.R.I.L.L.E.D.  I’ve heard it’s his favorite toy from the party. He dances and sings with it and takes it to daycare.

Just look at that pure blurry shock and joy!

So, even though *I* even think the doll is kinda ugly, and I’m now a bit worried what Oompa Loompa lovers will google and find me, it was the best kind of success: a happy kid.