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My New 10

This list thing with short deadlines is really working for me.  I go into my sewing room at night and have a purpose!  The list isn’t too long and instead of just thinking and looking at all I have to do… I’m doing!  YAY.

SO, onto my next list of 10.  My completely arbitrary deadline this time is October 1st.  I know in October I’ll be freaking out about Halloween costumes, so this list needs to be finished before then!


Here we go:

1.  Bind Julia’s Baptism Quilt

2.  Bind Snowman Quilt

3.  Bind Bamboo Quilt (this is my mom’s quilt — helping her out since she’s helping me out a lot on quilting!)

4.  Bind my flannel string quilt

5.  Make & attach sleeves for the 3 quilts I’m entering into the quilt show.
6.  Finish GO IRISH quilt top & back (this one is being carried forward from my last list)

7.  Make a fairy house, hopefully in time for Elena’s birthday.

8.  Black/white/red dress for Elena (carried forward from last list)

9.  Firefly dress for Julia (carried forward from last list).

10.  Um, some of the ideas I have for this final list item include a princess box, mermaids, a backpack or some clothes for the girls from some back-to-school themed fabric.  I’ll hopefully figure something out and finish it!  Kind of defeats the whole notion of the list, but….I’m indecisive…

As you can tell, I should have a lot of real quilt finishes coming real soon — I’m SO excited!
OH — and the random pictures in this post?  They are Julia’s perspective of dinner out a couple months ago.  She took the camera and took pictures of us all.  Must say I love the picture of her feet best!


More slithery invaders

Serves me right.  I laughed and joked about slithery invaders in my yard a couple months ago.  Ha Ha Ha, I had snakes in a tree.  SOoooo funny.

Um, yeah, it was all funny until I found a *real* snake on my back porch a couple weeks ago.  And it looked like a rattler.  And my husband was out of town for 5 days…

I ended up taking my girls down the street and played “damsel in distress” to one of our neighbors who came and rescued me.  Yeah, I’ll admit, I’m not brave when it comes to a potential rattler.

At the end of the day, it was a 4-foot long snake that did vibrate it’s tail – without noise – and did strike at the shovel A LOT.  After more Internet research, we think it was a rat snake trying to trick us.  *whew*

It’s long gone and definitely won’t be coming back, but in the meantime we’ve had some more slithery invaders come on our back porch
…and some of these ones have obviously eaten a full-mouse meal!!!  EEK!


🙂  These snakes were made for a birthday party — look at the awesome eyes I found for one of them!
I love the mouse meal.  I think my next ones will also have some bells put in their tails to be true rattlesnakes.  I think these will continue to be a fun birthday gift.

Ready for my Mom

Just a quick update and a little sneak-peak.

As already shared, the top of Julia’s baptism quilt is DONE!

And now, the back with its label is also DONE!  WooHoo!  And I’ll just brag: the label is awesome!  Here’s a sneak peak of it:


Hee!  I love the back of this quilt just as much as I love the front!  The stems do have flowers on them, and each flower is part of the label.  It’s kind of like the label I did for Elena’s …And Everything Nice:

Since there is a lot of steam-a-seam and satin stitching on this label I’m hoping it doesn’t cause my Mom too much trouble.  She should be visiting me next week and I’ll deliver the top & back to her then and then be demanding it back in just a short 3 weeks when I visit her so I can bind it and put it in the Austin Area Quilt Guild’s Show & Sale!

OH, and *thanks SO much* to a friend for that great blue batik on the back — she gave me 2 yards of it and it is Perfect!  The green batik then is the 2 yards I bought for the border at a sale and that was just too bright and blotchy for the front.  In true Project Runway fashion, I made it work…eventually!

Another Finish

I have to admit that this quilt as a whole doesn’t excite me…at all, but I am *SO* happy with it just because I finally solved some of the free-motion quilting issues I’ve been having – YAY!


This quilt was made with two of my vintage sheets (1 for the squares on the front, 1 for the backing) and some solid pink.  I will be donating it, probably to my guild.  I don’t think I’ve donated a quilt to them yet this year although I have done the Quilts for Kids projects.

Quilted in the ditch and then with large hearts in the solid pink and meandering and hearts in the floral.

There is admittedly nothing spectacular about this quilting.  I really just wanted to do it to get some practice and to figure out why my thread just Kept. Breaking. Over. and. Over. Again. on the last few quilts I’ve tried doing.  (I seriously mean constantly breaking!  It was breaking every 2-3 inches!)  Turns out that having my thread stitch set to “0” wasn’t enough — I needed it set below zero.  And not a single thread break this entire quilt!  Same thread and needle as before, so problem should be solved!  WOOHOO!


Hopefully I can practice quilting a few more donation quilts and then try quilting a quilt that’s been pin-basted for a few years just waiting for me to get to it.

OH, and I also tried the machine-binding again on this quilt, and this time it came out quite well!  Nothing to be ashamed about this time, so I can donate the quilt with my head held high!

This quilt was part of my personal challenge and finished on time!

The End of My Personal Challenge

Before I get into the exciting rundown of my latest challenge projects, I just wanted to say: MY GOODNESS! I’ve had a TON of unexpected visitors to my blog the last few days!

Apparently someone did a framed hairbow holder like I did in this post, and pointed to me as inspiration on facebook, twitter and a chatboard and I had a HUGE jump in stats.  If anyone is still here from that, welcome!

Now on to business.   2 months ago I challenged myself with 10 goals for August 1st.  I  completely finished 4 of them and touched 4 others. 2 projects I just looked at on the list and sighed at.  Not nearly as good as my last challenge, but if I didn’t do the challenge, I’d fear nothing would be done!

1.  Framed hairbow holders for my own girls. DONE! And the cause of so much commotion on here this week!

2.  Father’s Day dresses for the girls. DONE! And one of my favorite things I’ve done lately.

3.  Firefly dress for Julia. Well, I “touched” this project:  I measured Julia.  I am so excited about this dress though that I *have* to do it!

4.  Black/white/red dress for Elena. Also “touched” this project: I measured Elena.  Need to do for Elena’s new school wardrobe!

Just a random picture because this post is too long!  And: OH MY, the Fake Smile disease now afflicts both my girls!  ACK!  And:  Mmmmm, is that cake mix I see???

5.  Julia’s baptism signature quilt. Top done! I’m finishing the label on the back and then will be shipping this to my Mom for quilting.

6.  Julia’s baby quilt. I knew I wouldn’t do it, and I didn’t.  Boo.

7.  GO IRISH Notre Dame T-shirt quilt. Lots of work done on this quilt, but not actually done.  Will be sharing soon!
T-shirts are cut and stabilized…

8.  Julia’s bloomers. DONE!

9.  Floral vintage sheet quilt. DONE!  Will blog soon!

10.  Ice cream cone pretend food/pincushions. umm, thought about it?

Will be posting my new challenge soon.  I rather like this holding-myself-accountable thing.