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The Little Extra Something

As you may remember, right here I alluded to “a little extra something” I put in the package for Sherry with the Vintage Sheet quilt because I was SO late getting it to her.

She has received her quilt AND the little extra something and has told me she loves them!  YAY!  I certainly hope she’s telling the truth.  To be honest, I thought the little extra something was pretty darn cool, as did my girls, but I didn’t really have a use for it what with it both being not 0ver-the-shoulder and being smaller-than-the-big-honking-mom-purse I generally carry! Without further adieu, a Vintage Sheet Purse!:

I followed this tutorial here and the project was really easy!  I bookmarked the tutorial last February and have been wanting to try it ever since.  I thought my little collection of vintage sheet fat quarters provided the perfect opportunity.

The only part that gave me trouble was trying to figure out how to put in the magnetic snap at the top — my package had zero directions!  And when I looked up directions via google, I realized I would have to do buttonholes.  Teeny tiny buttonholes for the little prongs.  And I’ve never done buttonholes.  Ugh.  Anyway, I eventually figured it out, so TADA!

I gave it a bit of a flat bottom per one of the options:

I lined it with an orange canvas-weight fabric, and even added a little pocket out of the trimmings!  I mean, heck, if you’re having trouble holding both flowers and your new purse…

…then that little pocket is just perfect for holding flowers!

By the way, I’ve never been a fan of Indian Paintbrushes, but I’ve also never before been in a field of them. LOVED them, and of course they were the perfect background for this purse:

And a special thanks to Julia for being my perfect little model while Elena was in Mother’s Day Out:


Georgetown Quilt Show

I meant to post this earlier so anyone that wanted to go to this show had time, but oops!  I only found out about it yesterday and just did a quick trip with the family to Georgetown (north of Austin) to see the quilts.  The city’s Annual Red Poppy Festival is also going on today so a perfect day to visit!

It really is just a small show, but I did take a couple pictures along the way and bought a couple things, supporting some of the great vendors.

Some of my favorite things at the show were the challenge blocks — all poppies!  I think these could make some great quilts!

I also liked this quilt.  Not generally my thing being *so* folksy, but just seems like a great way to use some fabric scraps you have around as well as some big pieces of your fabric favorites.  And I just read the description (impossible to do at the show with the girls), and it appears to be a raffle quilt for 4H — pretty cool!:

I’ve seen versions of this through the years, but this one particularly appealed to me because of the use of batiks:

And finally here’s Elena’s favorite.  She made me take pictures of a couple different quilts, but she proclaimed this as the cutest!  I have no plans to make a Sunbonnet Sue quilt, though — she’ll just have to enjoy this picture!

And the park outside the facility had a great blooming garden maintained by the Georgetown Garden Club — it was beautiful!  I  might just have to finish a quilt quickly so I can go take pictures of it on one of the walls with all the flowers in the foreground — no better backdrop than such pretty blooms!

Spring to Finish: TEN Projects!

spring to finish big

I did Tallgrass Prairie Studio’s Spring to Finish last year and really enjoyed finishing up some projects. As you know, I failed horribly with the New Year challenge, but that was Christmas people! I’m all over this new challenge though!

The challenge deadline is 6 weeks and I actually think I can get a lot done in 6 weeks, especially since I have several projects *almost* done. You guys can help hold me accountable! I’m counting 10 projects I really think I can finish by the end of the challenge:

1. Finish baby Pansies & Primroses quilt (needs binding).
2. Finish *my* Pansies & Primroses quilt (needs binding).

3. Finish guitar Quilts for Kids quilt (made the top so far).
4. Finish love bug Quilts for Kids quilt (made the top so far).
5. Finish ruffle skirt for Elena (she made me buy fat quarters from Joann’s and fabric is poor quality and must not mix with my stash!)

6. Finish blue flannel baby quilt (made the top so far).
7. Finish my flannel string quilt (made the top so far).

8. Finish the snow man quilt top, goshdarnit, and get it to my mom for quilting!  I must have it done for this Christmas!!!

9.  Make Ariel nightgown for Elena.

10.  Make something? for Elena’s teachers at Mother’s Day Out.  I’ll give myself an out and buy something if need be, but I’d like to find something to make them or for their kids.

I have *so* many other things on my crafty To Do lists, but I think these are attainable and any others will be great added bonuses!  I have several things to make for Julia as well and this list seems weighted to Elena, but Elena’s projects have definite work done toward completion and she bugs me about them on a daily basis.

If I get all 10 done, I will definitely reward myself with a bit of a fabric shopping spree without guilt!

Oh Sherry!

Your quilt is done! WOOHOO!  And I FINALLY get to add a “Quilts Finished in 2010” sidebar!  SO excited!

And, um, it has actually been done for a couple weeks.  Sorry.  I will get it in the mail this week, I promise!  There’s going to be a little extra something in your package for the delay.  (I’ll show it to the rest of you after she has received it.)

For those of you not in the know, which would be everyone!, last year I showed several vintage sheet quilt tops, as you can see here: Vintage Sheets All Cut Up.  Some time later my good friend Sherry looked through my blog and fell in love with the vintage sheet quilts and begged for one of them.  Since I hadn’t given any of them away yet – or, let’s be honest here – finished any of them, I was happy to oblige!

My mom and I combined 2 of the quilt tops to make a better size for an adult.  The original tops were 40×48, which is a great size for a little one but a little small for an adult to snuggle in.  The new size quilt for Sherry is 48×56.  And it is backed with another vintage sheet:


I handed it over to my mom for her choice of pantograph, and isn’t it just gorgeous!?!?  I LOVE how pretty and feminine the quilting is — it really just adds a ton to the overall quilt!


I hope you like it Sherry!  Really sorry it took so long to actually finish.  It was all my fault as it took a couple months for me to just get around to putting on the binding!  Oops! And almost as long to put it in the mail. Yikes!

OH, as I was packing up, Elena insisted on borrowing my camera to take pictures. She LOVES taking pictures. And this is her hilarious self-portrait:

Happy, um, belated, Easter!


First: WOW! Long time no see! No real reason. Just downloaded um, over 500 pictures, so should be good to go with posting for a while!

Anyway, hope your Easter – last week! – was peaceful and prayerful and fun!

My first real post on this blog was last year’s Easter post! I can’t believe I have been at this, albeit haphazardly (quite evidently the last few weeks), for a year now!

And rereading last year’s post I am reminded again why I am doing this blog. First, I like having a place to journal my sewing. A constant show-and-tell is lots of fun, and its great to have all my crafts in one spot. Although I must admit I have neglected to put a lot on here. What’s up with that?

Second, I love having a place to put those cute little stories of my girls. I had already forgotten that Julia used to wake up with her finger firmly placed on one of her pajama snaps, and apparently that was just a year ago!


Now, on to news about the kiddos and then in the next day or two I’ll have quilty stuff to share!

We had a fun Easter this year, spending the first part of the weekend with my family in Houston and finishing with my husband’s family here in Austin.


Julia totally rocked the Easter Egg Hunt in Houston. Granted, her competition was just a bunch of babies, literally, so the fact that she knew what she was doing gave her a bit of an advantage. (She was in the 0-2 years age group). Julia was being, oh, just a bit clingy to me, so I stuck with her during the egg hunt.

2010-04-03 scan
See, I told you, Julia = just a bit clingy. Meanwhile, Elena would have hugged and talked to the Easter bunny all day if she had her druthers.

Elena had Grammy trying to keep up with her during the egg hunt. Elena did not quite rule the field as Julia did. She’d get SO excited about the next bunch of eggs over there that she’d only pick up 1 where she was and then dash off again!

Elena walking back from the hunt hand-in-hand with Grammy. Elena’s the hot pink spot on the right.

And look! Elena & Julia’s baby cousin came out for her first egg hunt!

For inquiring minds re: the cord coming out:  No, it’s not part of the sling.  Morgan’s out of the hospital but still wearing a heart monitor for at least another month.

Just 2 years ago Julia enjoyed her first egg hunt in the same sling. Awwww!:

Must. Munch. Baby Toes.

Here in Austin we braved a very full church, but had a peaceful walk to the car where the girls just made my heart full by choosing to walk hand-in-hand to the car. LOVE THEM. (By the way, we are fairly regular church-goers, but with how crazy-full the church is on holy days, we are genuinely tempted to skip those days. Isn’t that nuts? But man, fighting for a seat is rough!)

See what’s in Julia’s hand??? YES, its a chocolate bunny, all wrapped up! Julia held it through the entire mass! By the time we got it home, it was a little melty from all of her hugs and caresses, but still closed. We had to put it in the refrigerator before allowing her to eat him up.

I’ll be back soon with the quilty and the crafty. I didn’t make anything for my girls this year for Easter despite lots of plans, but I have plenty of other stuff to share!

QUILTY STUFF?!?! WHERE?!?!? I don’t see any!!  I’ll believe it when I see it!