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The Little Extra Something

As you may remember, right here I alluded to “a little extra something” I put in the package for Sherry with the Vintage Sheet quilt because I was SO late getting it to her.

She has received her quilt AND the little extra something and has told me she loves them!  YAY!  I certainly hope she’s telling the truth.  To be honest, I thought the little extra something was pretty darn cool, as did my girls, but I didn’t really have a use for it what with it both being not 0ver-the-shoulder and being smaller-than-the-big-honking-mom-purse I generally carry! Without further adieu, a Vintage Sheet Purse!:

I followed this tutorial here and the project was really easy!  I bookmarked the tutorial last February and have been wanting to try it ever since.  I thought my little collection of vintage sheet fat quarters provided the perfect opportunity.

The only part that gave me trouble was trying to figure out how to put in the magnetic snap at the top — my package had zero directions!  And when I looked up directions via google, I realized I would have to do buttonholes.  Teeny tiny buttonholes for the little prongs.  And I’ve never done buttonholes.  Ugh.  Anyway, I eventually figured it out, so TADA!

I gave it a bit of a flat bottom per one of the options:

I lined it with an orange canvas-weight fabric, and even added a little pocket out of the trimmings!  I mean, heck, if you’re having trouble holding both flowers and your new purse…

…then that little pocket is just perfect for holding flowers!

By the way, I’ve never been a fan of Indian Paintbrushes, but I’ve also never before been in a field of them. LOVED them, and of course they were the perfect background for this purse:

And a special thanks to Julia for being my perfect little model while Elena was in Mother’s Day Out:


2 Responses

  1. What a lovely bag!! Your model also showed it off well for you!

  2. Love that purse! The colors are so trendy-retro and the handles are great. The way Julia was standing in the first picture I was certain it was Elena modeling the purse. They grow so fast!

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