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A Recommendation

If you aren’t already, I totally recommend following any blogs from your favorite fabric company.  I have a few on my blog reader and I really like them because it is fun to see what fabric designs are coming out or being re-released, AND because the fabric companies often also put out patterns.  I think most quilters on blog land know all about the Moda Bakeshop, but other fabric company blogs I follow are from Michael Miller fabrics and Free Spirit.

What is also admittedly quite fun is that some of them host fabric giveaways, and we all love getting free fabric, right?

Back in August I entered such a giveaway on the Michael Miller site and my goodness, I won the Retro Color Story giveaway!  Due to some difficulties with getting the fabrics from the warehouse and probably just some general busy-ness and/or forgetfulness, I didn’t get the fabrics right away.  But, when I did get the fabrics this January, Kathy Miller herself wrote me and made sure my package had some extra goodies to make up for the delays.  So in my box, not only did I receive the 11 yards of fabric in the Retro color story,
2012 01 17_0011.JPG

I also received 10 yards from the Once Upon a Time fabric line, several fat quarters from the Fairy Frost collection, several fat quarters of their new Cotton Couture solids, and a charm pack of all their solids!
2012 01 17_0013.JPG

2012 01 17_0014.JPG

SO very exciting to open up that box! By the way, the Michael Miller regular fabrics have a great heavy weight that I’ve always loved about their fabrics — makes them super easy to quilt with.  What I found surprising was how silky soft their cotton couture line was — a totally different weight!  I’m sure they’ll be great for quilts as well, but I’m looking at getting one of the colors  for a  planned summer dress for one of my girls – the weight should be perfect.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m going to do with all of this fabric, and to be honest I’m not sure.  I have finished washing and folding it all and for now I’m admiring it.  I think the pink fabrics will be turned into some dresses or skirts for my girls — that’s at least what Julia is requesting.  And I’m sure the original retro fabrics will be turned into a cute baby quilt or 2 or 3 — I know at least one baby boy about to arrive that needs a quilt!

So, go out and have some fun with some Internet contests as well, although I definitely won’t promise you’ll hit the same jackpot I did!


Sunday Stash

I have spent the better part of this weekend cleaning my sewing room in the attempt to find my beloved Olfa rotary circle cutter.

Isn’t it beautiful?  Just think of all the perfect circles you can cut with nary a problem!

The upside of this task is that my sewing room is in good condition, and things are pretty much where they belong!  YAY!  The downside?  My circle cutter has yet to be found.  I am at a loss of where to look next.  I did find all of its’ replacement blades, so I’m set!  kind of…

But on to happier things!  My stash has been enhanced over the last month what with Christmas gifts and the like, and I just know you’d love to see it!

First, look at these great Kaffe Fassett/Phillip Jacobs/______(one other designer whose name I forget) fabrics.

I received these because I “won” a yoga mat in the family Christmas exchange.  My mom generously returned the yoga mat to the store for me and instead used the money to help out my ‘I will make a Kaffe Fassett quilt’ declaration come closer to reality.

My sister then bought me a couple quilt books, one of which I have been yearning for, and collecting fabrics for for quite some time!  Can you tell what might hopefully be going up on my design wall soon?

I am SO excited!  And the next book I didn’t know I wanted, but it is still great!

Finally, I won part of a giveaway over at Fabric Hound and got this great charm pack.

I’d have opened up the charm pack and spread out its contents, but Elena has decided the whole package is just delightful and it has become one of her treasures for now.  She even took it to a sleepover at a friend’s house Friday night!  Yep, you heard right, my 4-year-old daughter took fabric to a sleepover.