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Halloween Fun!

Finished Trick-or-Treating

My girls are at the *perfect* age for Halloween!

  1. They are old enough to really get into it!  Elena ran from door to door as much as we’d let her, and yelled Trick-or-Treat while she rang the doorbells!  (kept trying to teach her to wait until the person opened the door, but her enthusiasm could not be stopped!)  And Julia would hold out her pumpkin, repeating “Treat!  Treat! Treat!” endlessly!  No tricks for her!
  2. They are young enough to get both lots of oohs and aahs and LOTS of candy!
  3. They are naive enough to not worry about hiding their candy from each other — or us!  Can we say candy raid???


Elena woke up on Saturday knowing it was Halloween, and bugged us ALL. DAY. about when we’d get to go trick-or-treating.  I think she thought we were torturing her when we decided to wait for some adult friends to join us and walk the neighborhood.  She was freaking out about it getting dark and being bedtime and missing t-o-t’ing.

Luckily our friends arrived and there were enough houses in our neighborhood with their lights on to make our girls very happy, and we had no scary incidents with dogs like last year.

I know you got a glimpse of their costumes in this post, but I promised then more details on their making, so this seems as good a time as any!

First, Elena as Cinderella.

Elena as a very happy Cinderella

Elena was Ariel last year, and probably would have been happy re-using her costume, but *I* wanted something new.  And, as you have probably figured out by now, it had to be a princess.   So Cinderella it was!  I used Simplicity 2817 for the pattern.

The pattern was pretty easy and I liked how it came out!  You might notice my interpretation is a little more detailed.  I took inspiration from this website, using brocade instead of organza for the skirt puffs and sleeves, and added an appliqued brocade front onto the dress, trimmed with silver.  I think the result is very elegant, if I do say so myself.

TIP for gathering brocade:  it will start to shred! (at least mine did.)  To stop it from falling apart on you, apply some Fray Check.

The dress was not nearly as poofy as I wanted though.  I think my choice of brocade instead of organza for the skirt puffs weighed down the dress too much and didn’t give the drape I wanted.  (Don’t I sound so Project Runway?!?) So I improvised and made Elena a petticoat!

The petticoat

I LOVED the effect of the petticoat!  Elena, not so much.  SO, I got her to wear it for the pro pics and for the pictures in my parents’ front yard shown here, but she would not wear it trick-or-treating.  Not a big deal, and as you can see from my top pictures, still cute!

The only other issue with the dress was that it ended up 6 inches too long after my initial hem!  So I just kept hemming.  I’m always too scared to just cut off!  That big hem bugs me in the pictures though.  Ahh well!

Back of dress

Other details:

  • tiara from Target’s website.  I had an online gift card that had been sitting for almost a year, so when I wanted something beyond just the plastic tiaras you find everywhere, I used that.
  • Sparkly glitter shoes also from Target.
  • Long white gloves (worn in top pictures) from one of the Halloween mega-stores.
  • Necklace from my jewelry box, but Elena has been insisting that she should have it b/c it fits her so well.
  • Finally, I tried to give her sparkly bracelets that she wore as a flower girl in May, but she insisted that Cinderella did not have bracelets and she must not wear them.  Surprised me that she denied sparkles!

Second, Julia as Cinderella’s little mouse friend.

Peek-a-boo mouse!

I have to admit I was stumped on a costume for Julia!  I really wanted the girls to coordinate, but I knew Elena was a princess and really didn’t want a 2nd princess.  (I figure I’ll have lots of years of princesses when Julia can also express an opinion!)  A girl on a chatboard I’m on suggested the mouse, and I’m so glad she did!  It was perfect!  I don’t think everyone knew the connection, but I did and I was so happy!

Anyway, Julia’s costume is Simplicity 2506 .  The mouse body was EASY to put together.  I loved sewing with the suede-ish fabric.  (don’t remember if it was actually ultrasuede or something else).  I used some glittery pink fabric for the pink parts, but it was very thin and slippery, so before I sewed it I backed it with pink felt (used Steam-a-Seam Lite).  Great decision.

The hat, though, I’m not too thrilled about.  As you can see in the below picture, it is WAY TOO SMALL:

back of the mouse

I really don’t know what happened.  I thought I used a size that would end up with a slightly too-big hat, but instead I had trouble connecting the chin straps on Julia and it showed half of the back of her head instead of covering it completely.  Julia could not stand the hat the first couple times she wore it, and fussed every time we put it on.  BUT, she did wear it a bit longer each time, to the point that on Halloween she never once tried to pull it off once it was on!   Yay!

Happy mouse

I also probably would have topstitched it at the front of the face, but since it didn’t fit well anyway I never bothered.  Luckily from the front you couldn’t really tell the bad fit.

OH, and I added the bow on the head to make it more girly!

Total cost for Julia’s costume = @ $10!

So, there’s my girls and their costumes.  And here they are posing for pictures for their Papa:

Cinderella & her mouse friend

The girls in costume

And…a little game of chase is about to start:

A game of chase about to start!


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  1. Their costumes look amazing! You are such a whiz with the sewing machine. 🙂

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