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A Bad Copy

That’s what my husband calls this quilt.  A bad bad copy.

DSC01864 cropped.jpg

He doesn’t like it because he thinks it is too much like his Woogie, but not as good!  It is, after all, made with his woogie’s leftovers.  But it isn’t a ragged-edge quilt like his.

Instead of a ragged edge quilt, I made a typical top and back out of my flannel scraps.  The quilting was easy on this quilt because I didn’t fool myself into trying to free-motion-quilt it.  I just stitched in every ditch and got it done. I think that’s the perfect treatment for this quilt though.


I tell him that it is still wonderful and soft and fluffy and will be loved by its recipient, whomever that may be.


For now, it will stay all folded up and waiting.  Waiting for some new baby boy that deserves a wonderful and soft and fluffy new woogie of his own.

The quilt is 40″ x 48″ and made completely up of leftover flannels just sitting and waiting in my sewing room.  I made the top as part of a challenge, and then finally finished it completely as part of yet another challenge.


Edited to add:  Since this is pretty much my quilt journal, I wanted to add that this quilt was given to a little boy Callahan – the newborn son of one of my husband’s coworkers.


Sewing Olympics: GOLD!


Even before the closing ceremonies of the real Olympics started I had finished my flannel string quilt top!  I had doubted that I could do it, but it was a lot of fun meeting my goal.

First, THANKS! for all the votes — B & C were definitely the popular options. I ultimately decided I didn’t want to buy any fabric for making this quilt and thus C won out!  Finished quilt measures 48×60.  Perfect snuggle on the couch size.

Oh, wait, you want a better picture of the quilt??  The my-gosh-it’s-windy-today action shot doesn’t quite do it for you?  Ahhh, here you go!


That’s the Official Olympic Do-Not-Fly-Away Feet-on-the-Quilt Stance.

It was quite a windy day (hopefully it’ll be this windy next weekend for the Zilker Kite Festival!), so it is hard to tell exactly, but this quilt did give me some problems. I took out all the paper foundations before I sewed the blocks together (which, OMGosh, took HOURS – luckily, the Olympics were on to pass the time, imagine that!) and think that might have been a mistake. I think all those stretchy bias edges wreaked havoc, and there’s at least a 0.75″ difference in the measurements from top to bottom.

Guess I’ll be working on stretching it uniformly when I baste it. Yikes! But I went ahead and stay-stitched the ends to hopefully prevent it from falling apart and/or getting any larger before I baste it!

Anyone else reading make a string quilt?  When did you take out the foundations??


Loving this!  Man, I love color.  But wait! What’s that behind the string quilt?  Was there more completed during the Sewing Olympics???


First, the leftovers from this quilt were used to make a doll quilt.  My children LOVE playing “go to bed” lately.  Really.  Wish they were half as good at really going to bed as they are at playing going to bed.  But anyway, this baby-sized woogie will get lots of use by the girls:
Elena suggested though that we give it to her brand new cousin since it’s the perfect size for a little baby.  This little quilt measures @ 18×24.

AND, while I was busy looking through fabric for potential borders and backings for the above flannel string quilt, I ran across yet another baggy filled with flannel scraps! And thus, another quilt was quickly born while I was waiting for the setting votes to be tallied and my decision to be made:


This quilt is definitely going to be for a baby boy some day. It measures 40×48, and I also already sewed together a flannel back for it! Yay!  (The backing doesn’t match exactly, but close enough to work IMHO.)  It is just awesome, if I do say so myself, and really only took one night of cutting and one night of sewing.

SO, I think I might actually deserve a gold, silver and bronze for all this work!  Thanks again to the insatiable need blog for hosting these Sewing Olympics and getting me to start and finish 3 separate quilt tops!  (We’ll just worry about the actual quilting of these tops later.)

Sewing Olympics: Blocks Done! Now What?

I have finished all the blocks! I have 40 warm blocks and 52 cool blocks, all measuring 6.5″ (6″ finished).

BUT, now what do I do with them? I spent yesterday taking pictures of several mock-ups and would love some help deciding what to do.

A. Two individual quilts. A warm quilt measuring 30″x40″ and a cool quilt measuring 36″x48″. These are obviously very small and would be baby quilts to be gifted at some point in time.  (not arranged to proper sizes in these photos, but you get the idea.)

The kitties.  I have 2.  You would think I had 20 when I’m laying down quilts and trying to take pictures!

B. A double-sided quilt: one warm side and one cool side. I *love* this idea but would need to add borders to make it a usable size. I definitely like the look without borders, but with borders isn’t bad or anything. Here is the warm quilt mocked up with a border. The yellow inner border is a flannel that I own and would be great, but the red is just regular fabric. I would have to buy some red flannel. (Thanks to Wanda for this idea!) I would try to get the double-sided quilt to @ 40×50 — a somewhat usable lap-quilt size.

C. Cool center surrounded by warm, measuring 54×60.
D. Warm center surrounded by cool, measuring 54×60. Although I think I would take off the extra blue rows/border on the sides and instead make this 42×60.

E. Alternating blocks, measuring 54×60. My mom was a definite no to this setting last time I showed it, but I figured I ought to do a mock-up with all the blocks anyway.

Others I have already nixed, including a radiating out style that really didn’t work in either variation, and a …red blobs in midst of the blue field variation, which just, well, you can see.
Yep, just not enough blocks for these to work.
Why hello there, red blobs! Not quite the “flowers on a cool background” I was going for!

Any favorites? Or any other ideas? My goal is still to finish the top(s) before the Olympics end so need to get crackin’!

And just an extra shot for the fun of it:
Um, Julia? Mommy’s working on that quilt on the floor right now…

Sewing Olympics Update

WOOHOO! I am going strong on the Sewing Olympics and I’m loving how it’s looking! I was a little uncertain when I first started but once I laid them out yesterday I knew I was going in the right direction.

When starting the project I quickly decided not to mix up the warms and cools within each block. I thought it might get too muddled otherwise. I have actually used up ALL my warms, finishing with a total of 40 blocks! Just look at them!

Why hello there, Pokey.  Do you like my quilt?

And the best part of this? I really did throw out the little left over scraps!

I have a bad tendency to keep even the tiniest slivers of fabric because “I might be able to use it *some* day.” It has been extremely frustrating because I finish up a project and it seems I never make even the smallest dent in my stash. In fact, the stash just seems to grow! Case in point: finishing the “For the Boys” rag quilts that were done to use up these same flannel scraps in the first place.  I made 2 quilts yet still had a pile of scraps I couldn’t just throw out!  I really had to say no to my hoarding tendencies.  I*really* don’t want to be featured on that A&E show in future years.  BUT LOOK, the scraps are IN. THE. TRASH.

I am still working on the cool blocks, and have 10 finished so far. I think I have more cool fabrics than warm, so I’m expecting to get more than 40 blocks of these.

Totally liking the red zingers in these blocks.

And then I’ll have to decide *how* I’m going to put these all together. Separate warm and cool quilts? OR how about a quilt combining them all? Here’s one idea:

Or something like this?

Hmmm, decisions decisions…  Must get back to sewing so I have more to play with!