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Ahhh, The Emotions Go Wild

The highs and lows around here — it feels like the stock market!

Unfortunately, my sewing machine is sick.  Poor thing.  I was sewing along on new dresses for the girls when all of a sudden there was a loud clunk and the whirr of a non-moving machine.  After I cleaned up the mess of thread and the almost-broken needle, I realized that the bobbin casing is now hitting the machine and won’t move.  Boo.  So, the machine is at the sewing machine hospital for an estimated 10 day stay and I’m here, twiddling my thumbs and fretting about the things on my sewing list.  Ahh, sadness.

With this free time, though, I was going through pinterest and happened upon some of my quilts pinned onto people’s boards, and even repinned with great comments.  Had me SO excited, and it was so much fun to see people really admiring my work!

And in the meantime, just one more week until summer is officially over and school starts for my Elena.  A first grader.  Oh MY!

2011 07 21_0141.JPG

Finally, since I couldn’t go pictureless, above is one of my girls this summer inspecting one of their many science experiments: white carnations in food-dyed water.  The blue water definitely worked the best!



I jumped right back onto the quilting train, and this time met success!  SO HAPPY!

2011 07 28_0008.JPG

Our new craft, shown in its natural habitat:  surrounded by other crafts!  We just received the bookshelf on the right and it has become our kids’ craft shelf and resides in the kitchen, as you can see.  It was filled within 2.67 seconds of being named Craft Shelf.

This is a little project that my girls and I made for my husband’s birthday.  I totally stole the idea from here.  (I originally found it on Pinterest through a friend but thought I’d source the original location.)  The girls chose the fabric for their handprints — they  both chose blues since that is Daddy’s favorite color.

We gave it a little late to my husband because I was, once again, avoiding the quilting part of the project.  (Do we see a theme here???)

But I needed to do it, and this time I went with a bit of a plan.  I decided to…PRACTICE.  Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?
2011 07 26_0059.JPG

I started with deciding how to quilt it.  I wanted the same echoing around the hands as the original, but I wanted to do something else in the remaining space.  I did practice free-motion quilting around the hands on some scraps, but that ended up too inconsistent for my liking still.  Echoing takes a lot of precision! and skill! and even more practice than I was willing to do!  So I simply sewed it normally, which was really easy, even with lots of curves, on this little piece.

As for the remaining space, I poked around a website that has some good tips and designs for free motion quilting, A Few Scraps, and found a cute little heart idea.  Perfect.  I practiced drawing it on paper first, and then practiced sewing it on scraps.  And then it really was just perfect when I quilted it on my little piece.
2011 07 26_0064.JPG

I’m swooning over my hearts!  Even up close they look Fab!

Thank goodness this isn’t a real quilt though and instead framed up — the back of the piece is a bit, um, knotty.

2011 07 26_0067.JPG

The girls were thrilled with the final product, and their Daddy liked it too.  As he told Julia, “now you really will be 3 forever!”  (He often asks the girls to not grow up and stay 3 or 5 or whatever age they are forever.  Julia insists that she *has* to grow up!)

2011 07 28_0002.JPG

Yup, she’s 3 forever…