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Happy Easter!

There were all sorts of warnings about awful weather for Easter Sunday, but luckily the severity of the storms were greatly exagerrated. By the time we got out of Church, the sun was shining and it was just a beautiful Easter Sunday.

So Happy Easter from my girls with their Easter hats and everything!




Elena has a new way of smiling for the camera, *if* she smiles for the camera that is.  Tucks her chin in and looks up at you with a little grin.  Quite flirtatious.


 Meanwhile, Julia doesn’t have quite the belly button obsession that Elena has, BUT she will hold her finger on any buttons she does find.  I usually pick her up from her crib in the morning and her finger is Firmly planted on one of her pajama snaps and will remain there for over an hour.  Here, the bunny’s eye is enjoying some similar attention.



Elena would like you to take special note of her new Ariel brush.  The Easter bunny brought it to her “because he knew I loved Ariel!  Do you want an Ariel brush???”  She ate with her brush, took a bath with her brush, of course brushed her hair with it, and slept with it.  She has asked to bring it along for our errands today as well.  She thinks she is the luckiest girl in the world, and assumes everyone is jealous of her and her beautiful Ariel brush. 


I’m sure you noticed that they are carrying bunnies around in their arms!  I made them!

The material came from an old pink chenille robe that I used back in college, especially for the communal dorm bathroom.  It is – never was – that comfy, so I was happy to retire it many years ago.  But it didn’t seem right to throw away perfectly good fabric, so it sat waiting for inspiration.


 And finally it hit that it would make some adorable bunnies!  I used McCall’s 6907 and added some trim to make hearts and to put  each girl’s initial on a bunny ear.  The girls seem to love their bunnies, at least for today!


I have just some small bits and pieces of the robe left.  I need to decide now whether to finally toss it or make up some other small things.  (I should just toss, but that is so hard to do!)


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  2. […] in other news, I made my girls more bunnies for Easter this year!  (My 1st real blog post was also about Easter bunnies I made the girls!)  Please meet my Mooshy Belly […]

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