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Hope you all are having a great Christmas day!  I trust I am!  (um, yeah, wrote this a couple days ago!)

For your Christmas enjoyment, one last Santa to share.

This is my elegant Santa, by my Mom in the late 1990s. She even went totally out of her normal crafting zone and molded and painted his face.  Isn’t it fantastic?!

She also chose Santa’s accessories based on the person to whom she was giving the Santa.  Mine therefore has some very girly paraphernalia, such as the doll and roses and pearl accents, and of course a mini quilting book.

Each robe was different.  Some were red velvet with fox fur trim, some had all black robings, etc.  I think mine was the only Santa clothed in cream robes.  As you can kind of see from the following back shot, his robe is crazy quilted:

Such a great Santa, I saved him for last.

Again, Merry Christmas!  And I’m sure I’ll show up again soon to show what I received this year.  It’s sitting under the tree teasing me now!


Crafty Advent Countdown: 1 Day

Okay, I have been through all my pictures and I have *more* than enough to make it through the countdown.  SO, today you’ll get 3 crafts for the price of one, and on Christmas Day I have the most elegant Santa of all to share.  (don’t worry, I’ll be busy opening presents — really am scheduling this to appear properly this time around and y’all can find it when you hit some ‘me’ time coming up!)

First, a little stocking made by Knit One Quilt Too!  A couple years ago I won a giveaway of hers by properly guessing her childrens’ Christmas-y middle names!  (And by the way, I *so* wanted to give Julia the middle name Noelle in honor of her December birthday, but didn’t win that battle.)  I was blogless at the time I won, so never shared with the great Internet.  I don’t knit, so this little stocking is cherished.  And isn’t it cute?

Next, a little snowman quilt made by a quilt guild buddy.  Several years ago at a guild auction (a fundraiser for the guild), I tried to buy a snowman quilt just like this.  I lost the bid, but the lady knew how much I wanted it and surprised me with one she made just for me!  Yay!

And finally, a wallhanging by my Mom.  It has not been on the wall, but instead on back of the couch, because I can’t find it’s stick.  Oops!

Hee — I like my helper’s legs sticking out!

Crafty Advent Countdown: 2 Days

Now here is a definite bedtime Santa, and another of my all-time faves.  (I have a lot of those, don’t I?)

I know his poor hand looks odd carrying around that gold dish.  But he has a great candle!  Really great!  It came off in the unpacking process, and I put the candle somewhere “safe.”  And then of course I couldn’t figure out that safe place after I pulled out the hot glue gun.

I did finally find the candle here a couple days ago (um, bathroom counter?), but since I already had successful pictures downloaded, I didn’t go take anymore.  But the candle is supercute!

And just look below at the great quilt Santa is dragging along.  I bet whoever made Santa that woogie is very happy that he is using it, as all quilts should be loved and used!

And again, it should be pointed out that my Mom also made the mouse!  SO much work in these things!

Poor Santa just looks all tuckered out after his busy season.  Makes me tired and ready for bed too just looking at him!

Crafty Advent Countdown: 3 Days

This next guy, made by my Mom, is one of two bedtime Santas she’s made.  I like Santas in their bedtime clothes.

Well, at least his hat looks like he’s ready for bed, but I’m not sure if the greenery lends itself to “I’m about to go to sleep.”  Very pretty grouping though — I really admire my mom’s successful search for Santa doodads.

Whether he’s going to bed or not, he hangs outside my girls’ bedroom doors.

Crafty Advent Countdown: 4 Days

I like this one so much you’re going to get LOTS of pictures of it!

Made by my Mom, and I believe I alone got this one.  (not positive).  Santa was made out of some old blue jeans.  And just look at that great chenille beard!

And he has just an adorable reindeer friend and a bag of reindeer food.

I found the sled myself, and it just goes perfectly with this duo!  For whatever reason, I’ve always had Rudolph riding and Santa in the front.


Crafty Advent Countdown: 5 Days

Alright, I’m just going to have to get this one out of the way.

My mom made this guy.  And I don’t like him.  I told her that this year, so I’ve already outed myself.

But still, a lot of work went into this not-so-cute guy!

He also carries a sign, but the sign was confiscated and put away because it became too much of a weapon with the girls.

If you can’t tell, he is *very* large.  Like, bigger than my girls large.  Is it just me, or do his eyes look a little spooked that I confessed my non-love for him?

Poor guy is also hard to store, although I found a lamp box that fits him perfectly and holds the tall rolls of Christmas wrap in the off-season too!  My mom said I don’t have to bring him out, but I needed the box down anyway so out he is.  and the girls seem to like him fine!  He is not prominently displayed though.

Crafty Advent Countdown: 6 Days

I thought I scheduled this to appear over the weekend, but here it still is in my drafts — oops!

Here is another snowman craft:

This little wallhanging was a complete surprise!  My sister went to Houston Quilt Festival with my mom last year b/c I had a does-not-take-a-bottle baby at the time and didn’t want to have a baby at Festival.  Lo and behold, my sister bought a pattern (my sister does *not* sew), and put it together just for me!  Isn’t it cute?