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Bloggers’ Quilt Festival – Spring 2010

Today’s the day!  Bloggers’ Quilt Festival is here!


The last two times I participated I knew immediately what quilts I was going to share with the world.  This time I have been perplexed, but ultimately decided on this quilt for a couple reasons:.

*I have digital pictures of it!


*I have digital pictures of it from when my littlest was a baby, and just look at that adorable little bald baby head!  Eek!  Seriously, I had no clue how bald my baby was when she was a baby.  Looking back at the pictures now I’m always shocked at my B A L D baby girl.


*It is a great example of what a great quilting bee can do.

I was a member of a real-life bee at the time, and we took turns being the leader of the next project.  As leader, you had to bring 2 ideas for the group to vote on.   Once an idea was chosen, everyone who wanted to participate had to make however many sets of blocks that they wanted in return.

All the blocks would be turned in to the current leader who would check them for accuracy and then split them up amongst all the participants.  Blocks made incorrectly or the wrong size were returned to the maker.  Sounds harsh, but totally necessary, and a key to the bee’s success.

It allowed everyone to chain-piece a bunch of identical blocks, but then end up with a scrappy quilt when the blocks were traded!  And unlike many of the bees around these days, *everyone* got blocks for a quilt each time — and as many blocks as you made!

Anyway, this quilt is the result of my turn.  I first gave everyone a snippet of this fabric, which I then obviously used for my backing:


Then my rules were simple: make a 8.5″ Ohio star block with colors that went with the snippet of fabric.  I gave freedom with the Ohio star block  – they could use however many fabrics they wanted, make hollow stars, make complete stars, have different colored points, whatever.  And the result was perfect!


I put all the darkish blocks in the quilt above, measuring 72″ x 80″, and put together 30 of the lighter blocks into a baby quilt for my husband’s cousin’s new addition:


Sorry for the bad picture – pre-digital age.  This baby quilt measures 40″x48″.

I actually still think I have some blocks left in an odds and ends pile.

Finally, this quilt was quilted by my mom – That Quilter – who is a professional long-arm quilter in Houston whom I have the great luck of being related to!

And don’t forget to go and check out all the other great quilts out there — there are just some AWESOME quilt artists about.  I always become a regular reader of at least a couple quilters each time this Festival comes around.  Click this button to get to all the rest:

Now excuse me while I go back to looking at all the pictures of my baby eating my quilt! Awwww….



34 Responses

  1. What a gorgeous example of artwork your quilt is. I love the colors in it and would cherish it forever. You have given me many ideas for creating an heirloom piece like that for my daughter.

  2. Oh, I like the quilt, but I really want your BED.

    • Thanks!! I bought that bed back when I was making lots of money and single. My husband hates it since he can’t lean against it, but it’s not going anywhere — I love it! It just appeals to my artsy side.

  3. What a cutie! These quilts are wonderful.

  4. Now this was a fun post !
    Thank you for taking all the time it took to relate this tale and share these photos.

    I really, really like this star quilt,……it’s scrumptious…..almost decadent !

    But I lost my heart to the quilt in your sidebar, from last October’s festival, “and everything nice” FAINT !

  5. What a gorgeous quilt – the dark one reminds me of jewels – maybe opals. And what a beautiful way to use your light blocks. The swap is such a nice way to get a scrappy quilt – and a lovely way to remember your friends.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Regards, Sue

  6. What a batik-beauty! Gorgeous quilt! I just love it!

  7. What great pictures…the baby is sooo cute. How old is she now? The colors in the quilt just flow, even though they were an exchange. I agree with Angie…I want the bed too!

  8. Oh my goodness this one takes my breath away. I love batiks and the use of stars with this one makes it simply stunning. Love that baby!

  9. My favorite so far as I work my way through the festival list. All batiks?

  10. Okay, it’s me again….I’ve glanced at some of your past posts and your blog is DEFINITELY being bookmarked for my ‘quilting’ list. I will be back to look at some of your awesome completed (yeah, for you!) projects!

  11. Both quilts are lovely. Cannot compete with the baby thought 🙂

    Sounds like you were in a really good quilting bee group.

  12. great quilt! swaps can be so much fun – and you got enough to get two quilts!
    Beth in Dallas

  13. I love the colors of this one! Great quilt!

  14. Love the quilt, AND the headboard! Yum!

  15. That star quilt with all those batiks is truly lovely. The (bald) baby girl is cute, too!

  16. It’s so beautiful, and your adorable daughter makes it even more beautiful! Love it!

  17. This is a gasp-inspiring quilt with those gorgeous dark jewel toned batik stars. Great Bee idea that worked out to every quilter’s advantage–you got two beautiful projects out of it. And the bald baby, awwww. Thank you for sharing your quilt’s story 🙂

  18. I absolutely love the fabrics on both quilts, but the darker one is spectacular! And hey, your bald baby girl is cute… just hope she grew some hair in time, what? LOL

  19. I loved the colors, beutiful quilt and beautiful baby

  20. Your quilt is stunning- I love the beautiful batiks- the colors are so rich and sumptious. Your daughter is gorgeous too.
    Thanks for sharing your quilt and process.
    Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,

  21. i really love this quilt…it looks so beautiful. but can i just say that your headboard is so gorgeous!!! i have never seen one like that and it is really lovely. you bald baby reminds me of mine being bald and adorable

  22. What a gorgeous quilt. I love star quilts. And such a cute little baby. She sure did love that quilt!

  23. I so love stars. What a great quilt! I myself love a bald baby,I had one myself. he didn’ treally get hair until about 2 years old.

  24. I love the purples. Awesome quilt. Sew On!

  25. beautiful quilt and adorable baby!

  26. I love the jewel coloured quilt, and what a beautiful model!

  27. Great quilt. Love the baby photo too!

  28. What a beautiful quilt! And the quilting is awesome. Love the backing too. And the baby is just TOO cute!

  29. Great quilt-can’t go wrong with stars and batiks and a super cute model.
    Come see my antique quilt entries

  30. yep…that’s a bald baby!! sure is a major cutie–chewing on the quilt–what else is a baby to do? beautiful quilt and i love the idea that friends made the blocks–such a fun thing and to have enough to make another quilt. absolutely love the colors in your quilt. and like that pattern. you arranged everything so nicely. nice to be related to a longarmer!!

  31. Oh my! Gorgeous! and your bald baby is adorable :o) Oh…as a novice quilter, I really miss the encouragement and motivation of the quilt group I was a part of before we moved away. I love how your quilt design turned out and that you were able to get two quilts from the project. And it was fun seeing all your other quilts!

    ..I am off today so will hopefully get to some others on the quilt fest. I have some drawing orders to work on and then clean house… Now that our children are grown and my hubby and I are empty nesters, I can’t be a “stay at home mom”, but I would love to be a stay at home wife :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    If you have a moment to come over, please let me know by leaving a comment at my post. It was fun meeting you!

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  33. […] were strict.  These quilts were easy to put together.  (Another quilt a result of this bee is here — one I kept for […]

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