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Spring to Finish: Quilts for Kids quilts DONE!

The Spring to Finish challenge is almost over, yet here I am with only 3 reported finishes from the 10 on my list!  YIKES!

But right now I am going to add 2 more quilts to my finished list — WOOHOO!


Back in March, my Mom forwarded me an e-mail about Quilts For Kids:

I *CHALLENGE* you to participate in this effort AND to forward this to all your quilting friends!

Would you like to take part in a FEEL GOOD PROJECT?  Downy Touch of Comfort is sponsoring a quilting project.  It is a “Quilts for Kids Challenge” and it is open to everyone who likes to quilt.
Here is how it works:  Downy has made up a kit for each quilt.  All you need to do is go on line to www.quiltsforkids. org (http://www.quiltsfo rkids.org/ patterns/ request/)  and request your kit. And the great part is the whole project is FREE.  Downy will send you your kit, FREE.  You will receive all the fabric needed to complete the quilt (this means you get everything for the Four Patch Blocks,the Feature Fabric, the Borders, Backing, Binding and label, plus the pattern, and all the fabric is already cut out for you.  All you need to supply is a piece of batting, your labor and your love.
When you finish your quilt, you simply package it up and return it to Downy.  Then all of the quilts will be given to children in hospitals around the country, who are facing life threatening illnesses.
I took the challenge and sent for my free kit.

Soon enough, I received this package in the mail:
Upon opening, I found a great selection of fabric for a kid’s quilt and an easy pattern:


I very quickly pieced the top – it only takes a couple hours tops to piece the simple pattern –  but it has admittedly taken me long…TOO LONG…to get it quilted.  I find basting to be a pain in the butt — well, pain in the back really — because I do it on the kitchen floor.  And I have to be sure to mop the kitchen floor first, which, well, I’m not the best housekeeper.

But in between looking at quilts for the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, I’ve been working on basting and quilting and binding my donations!

This is the quilt with the fabrics they provided:

And here is the quilt with my own fabrics:
I must admit I am a bit disappointed with how this one came out. I LOVE the conversation print with the cars and flowers, etc. (and THANKS to friend and frequent commenter cia who gifted me the fabric!), BUT I am not in love with my color selection for the alternating 4-patches. My girls seem to like it fine, so I’m sure another kid will also like it, but if I had used some brighter colors I think it would have turned out *much* better.

The quilting also gave me fits:
My thread broke countless times while free-motion quilting, and I even changed the needle and the thread and my luck did not improve. So these small 36″ x 42″ quilts took HOURS to quilt!

Per instructions, I washed the quilts this morning. I’m so not used to wrinkly quilts — I keep my quilts pristine as long as possible usually!


I highly recommend challenging yourself and completing some quilts for Quilts For Kids.  As fair warning though, they do ask that you mail the completed quilts back within 4 weeks.  I am putting my quilts in the mail tomorrow and am admittedly late.  I am sure the organization will gladly take my quilts, but I am also sure they would have appreciated me being more timely.


5 Responses

  1. Oh, guilty feelings here! I finished my Downy quilt a month ago and haven’t found time to either make my own OR mail back the one I made. Really slacking here! I really plan to get to the post office at last tomorrow…but the quilt will go back alone. Sigh.

  2. […] 3. Finish guitar Quilts for Kids quilt (made the top so far).  DONE and mailed!  Blogged here. […]

  3. I think they both look awesome and I am thrilled that the love bug fabric got used! The kids that get these quilts will love them!

    • My mom thought I was nuts when I said I didn’t like how it came out — and seeing the pictures I have to agree with her now. When I first put it up, with all the purple and green it looked very mardi-gras-ish and just not good. I think adding the orange really made it work out and I do like it now!

      And I still have PLENTY of the car fabric to use some more. I’m not done with it yet! Thanks again!

  4. […] This quilt was made with two of my vintage sheets (1 for the squares on the front, 1 for the backing) and some solid pink.  I will be donating it, probably to my guild.  I don’t think I’ve donated a quilt to them yet this year although I have done the Quilts for Kids projects. […]

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