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I haven’t done one of my bullet point posts lately and I have lots of little things to share, so here we go!

1. Elena has previously lost 5 teeth, and 4 of those times the tooth fairy paid her $1 for the privilege of getting her tooth.  However, when Elena lost tooth a tooth at Disney World this past spring, the tooth fairy paid out a little more: $5.  Elena was not too excited when the tooth fairy went back to paying just $1/tooth.

So when she lost yet another tooth last week, this time Elena left a note.

2011 07 12_0046.JPG

It reads “$5  I love [apparently you, although she forgot to write that]  End  Elena”.  That is her tooth in a little treasure chest on the pillow.  Elena got the treasure chest when she lost one of her teeth at school.

And the tooth fairy, a particularly masculine one who felt the creative note deserved a reward, paid out the requested $5.  Elena proudly showed it off to me, telling me all about “I TOLD YOU it would work Mommy, and you didn’t think it would!”  Hmmm, I think Mommy was overruled.

2. Elena took her newly-earned $5 and spent it at….the rock store!  She’s the proud owner of some crystals and some geodes.
2011 07 16_0007.JPG

Trying to break the geode.

3. The geodes were pretty fun, and the rock store was surprisingly big, busy and interesting, with all sorts of crystals and fossils, etc.
2011 07 16_0010.JPG

4. Elena was at the pool this week telling some girls about her note to the Tooth Fairy, etc., and the girls proceeded to tell her that “We think our parents are the tooth fairy!”  I’m not sure yet whether their comments were damaging to Elena’s beliefs.

5. Julia’s got something funky going on around her mouth.  For no discernible reason, 4 times in the past 6 months it looks like blood vessels have burst all around her mouth.  Neither I nor the doctors can explain it, but it especially freaked me out the 1st time.  Here’s the most recent occurrence, last week:

2011 07 12_0033.JPG

Anyone have any experience with this?  It doesn’t bother her at all and just gradually fades away.  SO ODD.

6. The girls painted some fabric last Friday.  More on this will be shown soon.  Promise.
2011 07 15_0020.JPG

7. We dressed up as cows for free chicken on July 9th.  It was Cow Appreciation Day, you know!
2011 07 08_0002.JPG

2011 07 08_0009.JPG

8. Seriously, $15 worth of free food just for sticking some black felt spots onto some white clothes is AWESOME.
2011 07 08_0024.JPG

9. Why hello drought!

2011 06 24_0095_edited-1.JPG

This is a fishing hole we went to with some friends.  It has obviously seen better days.  It reeked of dead fish, and they could be seen everywhere.  The hose set up in the pond is to get some more oxygen flowing in what water is left.

10. One poor little fish was caught, which all the girls delighted in, and was soon enough returned to the pond to live a nice long life…of probably 2-3 days tops at the rate the pond was disappearing.

2011 06 24_0087.JPG

The fish pond was not a quiet place. Instead, it was full of squealing and laughing girls as they played with worms.
2011 06 24_0079.JPG

And that’s enough for now!
2011 06 24_0065.JPG

3 Responses

  1. This is going to sound really odd, but this is the first thing that popped into my head regarding your daughter’s mouth. It looks to me like either she put the vacuume hose on her mouth (while the vacuume was on), or is sucking the air out of a (water?) bottle and letting her lips get in there…. does that make any sense? I hope you figure it out soon. That would scare the bejesus out of me too.

    • Thanks for commenting! You know, that doesn’t sound odd at all. Just the day before you commented my older daughter had some fun giving herself hickeys on her arm, and it suddenly made me wonder if my Julia was somehow giving herself hickeys around her mouth. It definitely isn’t from the vacuum cleaner since she’s scared of that, but…. The first time she got it was after I had given her some ibuprofen in one of those little medicine cups. She had Flu Type A and I thought it was some reaction to the meds or something related to the Flu, but my goodness, what if she in fact had sucked on that little cup around her mouth and just given herself a hickey??? It certainly sounds possible! (and what a scary trip to the dr. that was while I continually checked her breathing!)

      Now I wonder what else she’s doing it with because she hasn’t had any other meds. I’m certainly hoping that it is just a case of her being a silly 3-year-old!

  2. […] and about 2 yards of solid white fabric and let the girls have at it.  (You might remember that I briefly mentioned this when we did it in […]

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