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SQUEEE!!! But then…. UGH

Onward and upward with the space quilt!  I decided that I would definitely piece the stars and the moon, was still undecided on the rocket (probably applique), and then to applique the Earth.  How’s that for a mix of techniques?

So I took the plunge and started sewing my space quilt, and AHHHHH, SO COOL:

2011 01 31_0017.JPG

Please excuse the icky photos — I took all of these at night since I’ve been sewing while the girls are sleeping.

I began with some stars…and I am absolutely LOVING them!  I have always wanted to do wonky stars, and they are just great!  And I think my idea of alternating nine-patches and plain blocks is going to be great to add some interest to the background but not be overwhelming.  SQUEE!

As for the Earth, I decided to audition a fabric I thought would be awesome: Fingerpaints by Camelot Cottons!

2011 01 02_0011.JPG

I picked these up at Quilt Festival this year, specifically at a shop called Fern Hill Gifts and Quilts.  The print just really has a lot of life to it with the great variety of color and tones in each colorway.  Now looking at their website I wish they had had a bigger selection at Quilt Festival, but I love the fabrics I did come home with.  ANYWAY, I thought the fingerpaint swirls would make a wonderful ocean, but my brightest blue isn’t really bright enough to contrast with my starry sky.  As you can see on the side of my pictures in this entry, though, I have another fabric I think will work well for the Earth.  The Earth, thus, seems to be moving right along.

So, what’s the “UGH” all about on my title?  The Moon.  My poor poor icky moon.

I was extremely excited to try and piece a moon, and attacked it with glee and…absolutely no plan whatsoever.  My moon is, well, passable, but really looks rather sad next to my brilliant stars.
2011 02 02_0002.JPG

I’m now befuddled.  Do I try to piece another moon?  Look, I have a plan this time!:
2011 02 02_0001.JPG

or, do I just give up and applique the moon onto the space background?
2011 02 01_0005.JPG

OR, am I just being silly and my moon is perfectly acceptable?
2011 02 01_0008.JPG

I’m pretty sure I’m going to make the moon a bright white instead of what you see pieced up above.  I thought that fabric was awesome for a moon, but it turns out to be a bit too muddy for me, especially with all the bright clear colors on this quilt.

Any opinions on my moon are greatly appreciated!


OH, and I forgot to mention last time:  I’m linking up to Naptime Quilter’s Workshop in Progress.  It is really an opportunity for all of us to show more of our process and get some feedback in return.  My quilts tend to move slow and therefore I often give some process on my blog, but I’m trying to do this one quickly AND show what I’m up to.  You should go and check out some of the other great quilters joining in.

2011 01 31_0010.JPG

Just some of the scraps and some possibilities for the rocket.


9 Responses

  1. Can you use your plan and paper piece a moon? Start with the blue on the inner side of the moon and work out, using the lines in your drawing as a guideline? I love the stars and I love the alternating 9patch background!

  2. I am loving this quilt! Your stars are fabulous. I just love seeing your process, from painters tape (hehehe) to finished blocks, just wonderful.

    I vote for applique of the bright white moon, gives it a smooth feel with the wonky stars. Just a thought

  3. I also like the applique moon as well. Also, I was going through some stuff yesterday and I have glow-in-the-dark thread that I purchased from Superior Threads. Wouldn’t that be kind of cool to use for quilting?

  4. What a cute quilt! I love the wonky stars, and your creativity with the moon!

  5. Beautiful stars and colors!! And how it all grows together.
    I would choose the rounder appliqué moon, however something altogether different could be inspiring as well…

  6. What about yellow for the moon? That might complement your stars and help with the muddy problem.

  7. Very nice coloring, with all the stars and mixed nine-patches!
    About the moon, I would go for the rounder forms, so appliqué maybe. Or perhaps some inspiration from here http://spiritcloth.typepad.com/spirit_cloth/2011/01/personalizing-season.html
    Looking foreward for your next post!

  8. I kind of like the look of your moon, but if you aren’t happy with it, go for the applique. The silver/grey is a nice contrast.

    As for the earth… I think your concern about contrast is warranted. Do you have a paler blue you could use? Then use the greens and browns for the earth part of Earth?

  9. […] THANK YOU to everyone who offered their opinion on my moon dilemma!  After reading all the advice and also talking to my Mom (who helpfully said that my moon looked […]

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