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Houston International Quilt Festival 2010

When I’ve had a bit of a blog hiatus, I just don’t know where to start because I have so much to say!  I hope I haven’t lost too many of my readers.  Let’s get back to some quilting!

As you may remember, I was going to the Houston Quilt Festival this year, and I made it.  Sometimes I don’t think I realize how lucky I am to be so close to the event ~ I can’t remember how many times I’ve gone!

This year, though, it just didn’t feel like the best year.  I wasn’t really digging any of the big winners, and everything just felt very been-there, done-that.  Of course, it didn’t help that one of the big displays was for Baltimore Albums.  I know they have a huge fan base, but I’m not part of it.  I think the real blahs with the show, though, was simply because I was sick with a nasty cold and just plain exhausted, and was feeling quite financially constrained this year.

But I had a wonderful partner in crime (Hi MOM!) and still had fun!
2010 11 06_0444.JPG

Anyway, I just flipped through my pictures and was very pleasantly surprised!  There are several quilts that I *DID* love ~ I just forgot about them!  So, onto the quilt show!  Here are some of my favorites — hope you enjoy!  As always, to get the artist information click on the thumbnail picture of the info sheet.  (Oh, and to see all the winners in the judges’ eyes, go here!)

First, aren’t these cranes just fantastic! I love that they are dark as opposed to white — it just really drew me in being so unexpected.
2010 11 06_0508.JPG2010 11 06_0510.JPG

With this detail you can see that everything is raw edged. I keep thinking I should do some raw edge applique, but it scares me!
2010 11 06_0509.JPG

And anyone who has been here for any amount of time knows I love Ruth McDowell inspired pieces, and this one is no exception.  (The description doesn’t credit McDowell, but the technique seems unmistakable.  Seriously, anyone want to sponsor me to attend one of Ruth McDowell’s workshops???!  🙂  )
2010 11 06_0538.JPG2010 11 06_0540.JPG
Just beautiful. I believe this quilt was in the Quilt Canada exhibit.
2010 11 06_0539.JPG

And here’s something totally different: Hong Kong!
2010 11 06_0565.JPG2010 11 06_0567.JPG

Ahhh, stars! Bright Wonky Stars that is! on Black and white! I will make a wonky star quilt some day! (You ever get the feeling that my Bucket List of Quilts to Make is huge? It is…)
2010 11 06_0502.JPG2010 11 06_0504.JPG

With this quilt I’m not a super fan of the faces sketched in thread, but I really like the color sense….
2010 11 06_0496.JPG2010 11 06_0498.JPG

and I LOVE the wishing flower (aka dandelion gone to seed)! Another idea for the Bucket List!
2010 11 06_0497.JPG

You guys know I can’t go to Quilt Festival without loving on some Japanese quilts:
2010 11 06_0489.JPG2010 11 06_0490.JPG
What you don’t notice at first (at least I didn’t), is that it is not built on a black background — that’s just the curtain. You might be able to tell here that the trees hold all the pieces together!
2010 11 06_0492.JPG

This next quilt is by Caryl Bryer Fallert who won Best of Show last year. I included it because I *much* prefer this quilt to her quilt that won last year. (A girl dancing with rainbow background, etc.)
2010 11 06_0465.JPG2010 11 06_0466.JPG

I thought this Madonna and Child was extremely delicate and very reminiscent of the Renaissance.
2010 11 06_0468.JPG2010 11 06_0470.JPG

This quilt looks like a picture! It is just SO realistic!
2010 11 06_0511.JPG2010 11 06_0513.JPG

And then this quilt. SO hard to see here, but it really was just beautiful. I think I wish she’d left off the words and just had the trees on the quilt, but either way I liked it:
2010 11 06_0479.JPG2010 11 06_0478.JPG

Hope you enjoyed my little sampling of 10 quilts from the show!


2 Responses

  1. Thank you………those were some beautiful choices.

    Wish I could see you go to the Ruth McDowell workshop. My best friend went last year and was over-the-top inspired !

  2. Hooray! A blog update!! So fun to see your favorites from the quilt festival — the last two were favorites of mine as well, especially that doorway! (My list is here: http://paperpapereverywhere.blogspot.com/2010/11/my-take-on-2010-houston-quilt-show.html)

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