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Of Memorial Day and Cemeteries

We went to the Memorial Day ceremony at the Texas State Cemetery on Monday.  I have to admit that I think it is the first time *I* have ever been to a Memorial Day ceremony of any sort.  I think the girls now understand a bit about what the day is about, and know that my Grandpa – their Great Grandpa – was a soldier and fought for us.  But they also enjoyed looking at all the different statues.

The visit to the cemetery reminded me of a trip we took a couple weeks ago.  We were in the small town my husband’s father is buried in, so we stopped by that cemetery with my mother-in-law in tow.  (He died when my husband was just 9 years old.)  The girls LOVE that cemetery:  many of the gravesites are covered in plastic flowers and several have pinwheels or little statues or toys, etc.  They enjoy running from spot to spot admiring it all.

This is a picture taken 2 years ago during a previous visit to the same cemetery. I was in the car feeding Julia and couldn’t help but take a picture. Obviously not a great picture, but gives you an idea why the girls like the place.

We of course showed the girls where their Grandpa is buried and the picture of him on his headstone and Grandma’s name.  Elena started jumping up and down and exclaiming: “GRANDMA!  Grandma!  Some day we are going to bury YOU here TOO!”  Stinker.

Grandma at the grounds of her future burial with the girls and I 2 years ago. Just a little windy.  And is it just me, or does Julia look like Mr. Magoo here?

And just because, one of my fave pictures ever of my husband and Elena, also taken 2 years ago, at the old church tower next to the cemetery.

2008-03-23-20 cropped.jpg


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  1. […] know I’ve documented the girls having fun, and torturing Grandma, at a cemetery before.  But Julia’s latest obsession has nothing to do with graves.  Instead, it has everything […]

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