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A Christmas Ten or so

Yikes!  I had this half-written for last week, but it just didn’t happen.  The girls were afflicted with fevers & colds & whininess, and I was just plain old afflicted!  The girls were on me 24-7 it seemed, and man, that is exhausting!  Julia’s fever finally quit on Day 7 (yes, 7!!!), and both girls are finally on the mend.

But, let’s remember happier times just two weeks ago!

2009-12-14-018 Christmas card bigger.jpg

1.  Elena *so* believes in Santa and Rudolph and everything, and it is so much fun!  On Christmas Eve she very earnestly spread out the reindeer food they gave her at her Mother’s Day Out program (dry oatmeal and glitter) over the whole yard:  “I’m putting it in the front yard so Rudolph sees it with his red nose!  He’ll see the sparkles!  Our Christmas lights will tell Santa where to go!”

2.  Instead of jumping up and down Christmas morning, Elena examined it all and told us all about it.  She was puzzled that she never heard the sleighbells, but opined that Santa must have tiptoed in to get past her!  That had to be it, she assured us, because she would have heard sleighbells because she kept waking up waiting for morning!

3. Elena waited very impatiently for Julia to wake up Christmas morning. We let her open one present (which has been one of her favorites), and then when Julia did awake we tortured her by taking pictures in front of the tree. Desperate to be done fast and to start opening presents, Elena tried to keep Julia (who was a bit groggy & confused by everything) in check.


4.  “LOOK!   Santa put Princess candy canes on the tree because he knows I love princesses AND candy!”  (will have Santa help decorate with candy canes again — was fun and both girls noticed right away when they woke up.)
5.  On Christmas, I’d say the dress-up outfits got some of the most use and play.  Their favorite gifts have changed in the following days.

6.  Julia’s favorite gift has been a set of three Thomas the Train engines for the bathtub.  They have been everywhere.

7.  Elena’s favorite gift has been a wooden treasure chest from Joann’s.  It has been everywhere, and she has already painted it.  She also immediately spied it under the tree since I didn’t disguise it.  (Wrapped it, just didn’t put it in a box or anything.)  It was the first gift she opened, quite happily, while Julia still snoozed.

8.  Elena’s new princess collection has also been very popular with both girls. She  got ALL 9 Princesses, plus Prince Charming.

9.  We went to the childrens’ play at church on Christmas Eve instead of mass.  I know, I know.  BUT, the girls like the story of Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus, and they get a lot more out of it seeing it acted out with little kids than spoken by the priest during mass.  ANYWAY, Mary was up at the front with lights all around her and Julia was standing on my lap to see.  When she saw Mary like that, she got down and found a picture of Mary in the pew.  She then stood back up on my lap and held up the picture of Mary as high as she could, so happy she found the real person to match the picture!

10. What pretty girls for Christmas Eve!


11.  Elena made us feel guilty for not letting her be part of the Christmas play, constantly asking why she couldn’t be with the other kids.  She leaned over into the center aisle as much as she could get away with and was thrilled anytime an angel’s wings touched her.

She seems to have forgotten that just a few weeks earlier she was an angel at her Mother’s Day Out Christmas play.  And she didn’t smile.  Or sing.


12. Elena learned some Christmas songs at Mother’s Day Out. And while she neglected to sing at her Christmas play, she has serenaded many a friend and ALL of Target with “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.” I love that she knows Christmas songs this year.

13.  The girls LOVED the Christmas lights everywhere.  Whenever Julia saw some this season, she would yell KISMAS!!  IGHTS!!! and then would often sing some Christmas song apparently known to only her.

14. On Christmas Eve morning we continued the tradition of decorating cut-out cookies.
Part of the non-spoken tradition is everyone working really hard on their cookies, icing and sprinkling and having fun…to a point. Then Mommy gets to finish them up on her own while all others find other things to do.
*whew* Had a lot to say and save for my own future memories! Hope yours was merry!


2 Responses

  1. I love the story of Julia singing christmas songs known only to her. The Christmas my youngest (now 20) was 2, her aunt was married 10 days before Christmas. As the ceremony took place, in a church with a decorated Christmas tree, Bri decided to sing her version of “Jima Bells” at the top of her little lungs. I was trying to shush her and giggling, her grandfather beside was was laughing, the bride and groom were snickering, her father was acting photographer,, so he was across the church trying to figure out what was going on, and the entire family behind us was wondering why we were all laughing at a wedding! Good memories! Two year olds are wonderful!

  2. Christmas is just so amazing through a child’s eyes, isn’t it? I love your idea of letting Santa decorate the tree with candy canes. We may have to try that next year for our little candy cane lovers.

    And what a great looking batch of cookies!! I’m impressed. 🙂

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