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Ten on Tuesday: Houston International Quilt Festival edition

I must say that one of my biggest disappointments of blog-coverage of Quilt Market and Quilt Festival is that they leave out the whole “Quilt” aspect of it all.  You will see tons of pictures of the various booths, but none of the quilts hanging up just a few rows down the convention center.  I have been to Market before and the quilts are there!  You don’t know the winners, but you can still admire the workmanship, etc.

Of course, I’ve also read some of those bloggers also complain that the name of the event is “Quilt Market” since fabric is used for so much more than quilts.  I am a quilter at heart though and it is quilt market and I think the fabric choices we have out today are due in large part to the quilter!

::stepping off soapbox::

Anyway, I am using today to highlight just 10 of the quilts I enjoyed at Festival.  I took a ton of pictures, so these aren’t necessarily all my favorites, but 10 that looked great to me right now as I uploaded from my computer.

As I did last time, I took pictures of the info sheets too so you can get all the information on the maker & techniques, etc.  (well, maybe you can.  those pictures were often taken without me looking as I squeezed past people, and they’re definitely blurry.)

Enjoy! (In no particular order) CLICK ON PICTURES to see them bigger!

1.  Motherhood III:  I love the flow of this, and of course being a (fairly) young mother it just speaks to me.  This actually was not in the show but in a special exhibit called O Canada.

Motherhood III descriptionMotherhood III

2.  Can’t read the full title, but ____ Dots & Zydeco.  It is *very* hard to tell, even in person, but there are 3D ripples that come out all over this quilt!  That’s not the part that impresses me though (as I said, it was hard to tell).  I simply just LOVE the color sense and LOVE that all the fabrics are polkadots!  I need that stash!  I gave you some details so you too can admire the fabric selection.

Dots & Zydeco descriptionDots & Zydeco Dots & Zydeco close-upDots & Zydeco second close-up

3.  Tulip Mania: I have a partially-done quilt done in this same technique.  The technique?  a picture is broken into sections and then each person makes their section in any manner they choose.  I think the quilts are so cool and interesting, and this one is no exception!

Tulip Mania descriptionTulip Mania

4.  Santa Claus Has Come to Kinara’s Hometown: This was one of the big prizewinners.  The quilter is Japanese — I just love the Japanese aesthetic (at least the Japanese quilts that get juried in to the Houston show), and this quilt is no exception.  It is a fun quilt to inspect — check out the details!

Santa Claus descriptionSanta ClausSanta Claus close-up

5.  Clam Session by Karen Stone: another of the big prizewinners.  LOVE.  I always love her stuff, though, so no surprise.  Great color sense and great piecing.

Clam Session descriptionClam SessionClam Session detail

6.  Broken Dishes:  The description of this quilt totally got me at the heartstrings:

“I was inspired by the traditional block called Broken Dishes.  When I think of that quilt block name, I always imagine a loving, tender moment of forgiveness and acceptance between mother and daughter.”

And that’s when I noticed that the mom is holding piece of the broken dish.  LOVE.  I’d love to make a people quilt someday.  Ahhh, another quilt to add to my list.

Broken Dishes descriptionBroken Dishes

7.  Medea Escaping:  This quilt was HUGE and just stunning.  Truly stunning.

Medea Escaping descriptionMedea Escaping

8.  Just Sing…Sing a Song:  This quilt was done as some sort of scrap challenge.  The birds are just adorable!  Especially love the little bird balls that are looking straight on at you – check out the detail to see how cute!

Just Sing...Sing a Song descriptionJust Sing...Sing a SongJust Sing...Sing a Song detail

9. Rose Mandala I: Just an explosion of color!  Simply beautiful.

Rose Mandala I descriptionRose Mandala IRose Mandala I detail

10.  Burano:  This quilt was also not part of the Show per se, but part of the Tactile Architecture exhibit — always one of my fave exhibits.  It is also another group project completed in the same manner as the tulips above.  And ahhh, memories of my honeymoon…

Burano descriptionBurano

And that’s all for now!  Let me know your favorite of these, or at the show if you were lucky enough to attend!  I’m always amazed at what I miss even when I know I have seen *all* the quilts!


5 Responses

  1. I know what you mean about missing stuff – I feel like I didn’t see any of these! Not entirely true, I remember the Motherhood III and Santa Claus one, but that’s it!! And I *know* I was in the part with the tulips, I just don’t remember it. Thanks for pulling out some of your faves!

  2. Wow! Stunning! Thank you so much for taking these pictures at the Quilt Festival – these are the first I have seen this year. They are fabulous, an excellent selection. Thanks for the virtual tour, I wish I had been there.


  3. […] 2009: My Final Round-up Posted on October 29, 2009 by therealnanann As I showed already here, the quilts were fabulous at […]

  4. the quilt “Just Sing…Sing a Song” by Tom Russell of Katy, Texas was made during the HGTV quilter’s board “scraps to treasures” challenge – he was a participant last year! Amazing how they each received the same fabrics and all created beautiful works with them. His was by far a favorite – I’m so excited it got to be in the Festival this year!

    Next year will be their 5th year to do the Scraps to Treasures Challenge. 🙂 You should check it out – http://boards.hgtv.com/eve/forums/a/frm/f/5894011632

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

    • Thanks for the information! I’ll have to check out those chatboards.

      I also have to admit that I got to pet the quilt just Monday night! He was the speaker at my guild and I made sure to attend. He really was a funny speaker — great stories and of course great quilts.

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