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Ten on Tuesday

Don’t know if I’ll keep this up every Tuesday, but it at least works today because I haven’t shared much about my girls lately and it’s about time!

1.  Julia is starting to finally put two-word phrases together!  YAY!  She’s been close for a while, but wouldn’t really do it.  Instead, she needed verification after each word that we heard her.  “Tat! Tat! Tat!” Yes, Julia, Cat.  “Mean! Mean! Mean!”  Yes Julia, Mean Cat.  “Ba-Buh!”  Yes, we said bye-bye to the mean cat.

2.  Don’t take your children into any of the Halloween stores around town, or you might be hearing about the mean cat you said bye-bye to for 2.5 weeks and counting.

3.  My sewing room is easily the messiest room in the house at any time.  The girls love playing with my fabrics, and then also bring in every toy they own while I’m in there.  I could get annoyed (and admittedly sometimes do), but they are so gosh darn cute doing it!

Julia's great smile

4.  Julia is Brilliant!  We were reading a book, and when she came to this page she immediately started pointing to the left-hand-side cat and worriedly told us “UNGY!  UNGY!  UNGY!”  I didn’t even have to say anything, but she knew the little kitty was Hungry!  Brilliant I tell you!

Hungry Cat!

5.  Julia is a GREAT nose-blower.  She has her mommy’s allergies right now and she is excellent at blowing her nose, and hard, whenever we want.  Ha!

6.  Elena loves playing “Disney Store” now.  She’ll get all her princess stuff and line it all up and then we’ll go shopping.  My favorite part?  She buys up EVERYTHING in her store, and makes a point of telling us!  Don’t think we’ll be doing that for real anytime soon!

7.  Elena made up a new princess a week or two ago:  “Flowera.”  There needed to be a new princess she told us.  Even better, when we were at the toy store we did see dolls and dresses for the real new Disney princess coming out soon.  Elena was ECSTATIC — she totally thought it was Flowera.  And then was very disappointed that it wasn’t.  😦

8.  Elena is in gymnastics right now.  And loves it.  I’d totally love her to be able to do cartwheels some day, because I can’t.  Living vicariously through my children.

Elena showing her gymnastics skills

9.  Julia observes her sister at gymnastics, and is not about to be outdone.

Julia hanging around

10.  Yes, Elena still wears dresses every day.  We forced her into pants b/c it was wet outside.  And since we had her in pants, we put the girls in their matching shirts courtesy of their Aunt & Uncle.


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  1. Ditto on #8.

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